World of Work Week at Vicarage Primary

The World of Work Week is a comprehensive whole schools careers programme for primary schools. 15billionebp believe that raising aspirations starts in primary schools when children are forming their ideas and placing themselves in the social sphere. Children can only aspire to what they know exists and World of Work Week brings jobs and careers to life through engaging, fun and interactive experiences both in workplaces and at school with the support of business volunteers. This high impact programme engages EVERY child in a primary school from nursery to year 6.


World of Work Week is one of the best, if not the best project we have carried out in school.Well planned, resourced and age appropriate, it enables pupils to learn all about a variety of jobs in and around their community. It is a week packed full of activities which are fun, practical and cross curricular.

Vicarage Primary School

During 25th–29th September 2017, 15billionebp collaborated with employers and nosiness volunteers to deliver theWorld of Work Week at Vicarage Primary School. During the week the whole primary school came off timetable to learn about the working world. 880children took part in 69 activities during the week including classroom sessions, interactive trips to local businesses and innovative workshops in school led by business volunteers all organised by 15billionebp.

I liked all the activities carried out as there was a link between their learning and prospects for the future. Pupils were able to articulate the jobs they prefer and the reasons for their choices.

Year 3 teacher
Vicarage Primary School

In total, the World of Work Week at Vicarage Primary was supported by 27 businesses. Business visits are designed to raise aspirations and provide them with an enthusiastic insight into the world of week. During this period, 15billionebp engaged with a number of organisations, providing young people with quality insights into a variety of sectors. Some of the business visits for Vicarage Primary were held at KPMG, Tesco, East Ham Fire Station, London Legacy Development Cooperation, Lend Lease and Museum of London Docklands.The visits allows business volunteers to get involved, through hosting sessions and providing a general insight into their company and job roles.

Business volunteers also sign up to lead workshops with the children at the school. During the week, some of the volunteers 15billionebp engaged with were from the DLR, Safer Neighbourhoods Team, West Ham Football Club, KPMG, Barclays, Aecom, Marsh, Lexis Nexis and Leggmason.

The class today were very well behaved and engaged really well with the activities. They are a credit to the school.


100% of teachers involved in the felt that World of Work Week had met its aims, objectives and learning outcomes to a Very Good Degree or a Good Degree. Furthermore 95% of pupils rated the programme Very Good or Good.