Gifted and Talented Programme with KPMG

Each year, 30 year 8 students from Brampton Manor Academy are invited to take part in a three-part programme in partnership with KPMG. This year the students will attend three workshops, supported by volunteers from KPMG, which focus on the theme ‘Our Newham’.

The Gifted and Talented Programme with Brampton Manor Academy and KPMG has been created to engage and inspire Gifted and Talented students in Year 8.

This year we chose ‘Our Newham’ as a new theme, as the borough in which we live and work undergoes rapid change. We believe it is important that young people are aware of the changes taking place around them and what these changes might mean for their futures.

Beyond the labour market information, we also seek to develop employability skills in these Gifted and Talented students from a young age, in order to boost their employability and confidence as they move into an important phase in their education.

The three-part programme engages them in interesting and relevant content about their local area, and it also supports them in the development of key skills such as research, communication, and self-awareness. This year, as the London Borough of Newham continues to change and develop, 15billionebp have created a new series of workshops that inform the participants about current labour market information. They include a variety of interactive activities, with time included to network with and learn about KPMG volunteers.

All the helpers were nice and I understand everything being said. I liked learning about what is happening around me.

Year 8 Student
Brampton Manor Academy

The first workshop, which took place on 29th January 2018, introduced the topic of ‘Our Newham’ and engaged students in an array of activities aimed at raising their awareness of developments taking place in their borough.

Before the workshop, 0% of the students felt that they had ‘a good understanding of the changes taking place in Newham and what that means to me, my community, and my future’. After the workshop 68% strongly agreed with the statement and 32% agreed, which was a great outcome from the first session!

We asked the students which part of the workshop they found most enjoyable:


‘Communicating with new people and learning new things about development’ & ‘Learning about new development in Newham’


We also asked the students to note how they thought they might be able to use what they had learnt in the future:

‘Just having the general knowledge and seeing how it will affect us’ & ‘This will help me understand what's going on in my area’


The main point that we can take from the Gifted and Talented programme so far this year between Brampton Manor Academy and KPMG is that there is a real need for education around developments in Newham and the local labour market.

With many organisations, educational institutions, and future job opportunities moving into Newham, it is essential that the young people living and learning here are aware and prepared to take advantage of these changes.

We will continue to build on the skills and knowledge learnt in the first workshop as we move through the rest of the programme.