Future Prospects with London City Airport

15billionebp have teamed up with London City Airport to create the Future Prospects programme; a three-part programmes that involved a trip to the airport, a team challenge, and a grand finale! The 2017 programme involved five schools from East London, with all student demonstrating excellent communication, teamwork, and presentation skills.

London City Airport has a strong drive to work with local communities to support them into employment and also to ensure that they are as involved with the work and development of the airport as possible. As the airport begins an extensive development plan, it is more important than ever that young people from surrounding boroughs are aware of the changes taking place and what they might mean for the future.

Beyond that, the Future Prospects programme seeks to raise awareness of careers at the airport that might otherwise be unknown to young people. Most students on the 2017 programme were, of course, familiar with pilots but what about engineers or ground ramp safety crew?

15billion is a great charity that provides numerous opportunities and this competition is the motivation children need to get out and attempt their goals.

Sydney Russell student
Future Prospects 2017

The first stage of the programmes involved groups of 30 students from each participating school visiting the airport. Here they found out more about the history and future of the airport, as well as their work with local communities. Students took part in a series of skills-based activities where they discovered the range of careers available at the airport, and how their skill set might fit into these roles. After a tour of the airport, students were introduced to their challenge -to research and create a presentation on a new destination for the airport to fly to in small groups.

After 2-3 weeks, 15billionebp visited the schools to judge the presentations and chose a winning group from each. These students then had 2 further weeks to refine their presentations before attending the grand finale back at London City Airport.

At the finale, each group presented to a panel of judges, before a winning group was chosen. This final part of the programme really tested students’ resilience, flexibility, teamwork, and presentation skills!

The students that took part in all three stages of the programme were asked to give feedback after the grand finale; 100% of the students rated the programme as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

We asked the students to identify the skills that they felt they had developed through the programme, these included: public speaking, teamwork, time-management, presentation, confidence, research skills, memory, persuasion skills, and communicating.

I really enjoyed the programme and learnt about business and the adult world.

Rush Croft student
Future Prospects 2017

One of the most positive outcomes of the programme was that students felt they had increased their awareness and understanding of London City Airport as an organisation and an employer. The opportunity to visit the airport, once if not twice, as part of the programme really brings to life these potential career options.

The three-stage set up of the programme is also of huge benefit to students, who are able to engage in an independent project over a number of months. Students must refine their research skills, work creatively in a team, and develop confidence to present to an audience. These are important employability skills that these students can take with them as they move through their education and into future careers.