Work Experience Placement: Tate & Lyle

Our Work Experience programme enables students to undertake a one/two week work placement with an employer sourced by us or by the student. Our extensive database covers a considerable range of employers ranging from educational institutes and local SME’s to large corporate organisations.
Research supports the notion that work experience can benefit students in different ways, most notably in raising careers aspirations, development of social skills and employability skills amongst others.

We are pleased to have Tate & Lyle sugars as one of our work experience providers. Tate & Lyle sugars, like all of our other supporters believe in the value of offering young people the opportunity to experience the world of work first hand.

For many of our students, it is their first experience in the world of work and the aims and objectives are clear for them – to gain an insight into working in a large industrial environment as a Chemist, Chemical & Mechanical Engineer, Operator and Shift Manager.

As with the majority of 15billionebp placements, Tate & Lyle ask the young person to arrange an interview prior to their week-long placement, providing the young person with a real feel of the working work – a valuable experience for all young people. This first contact allows the students to show their commitment to the employer through the research they have to conduct on the company prior to the call.

Students are also equipped with a detailed ‘work experience’ log produced by 15billionebp, and are required to record their activity throughout the placement. The log mentions key skills (ones vital for employment) that the student should demonstrate or learn during their placement and also advises on how they can best showcase these during future college and job interviews.

One student placed at Tate & Lyle explained that the placement was a huge success. The student demonstrated an ‘enthusiastic’ approach to the world of work and showed a positive attitude from the very first day, taking on board everything they were taught in great detail. The student put into practise core skills, demonstrating effective teamwork, problem solving and organisational and communication skills. Staff members noted the students attentiveness, enthusiasm and willingness to learn as they looked back on the placement.

The student further described the experience as ‘extremely helpful, as they took part in many tasks which helped further develop their abilities’. They also noted that as a result of the week-long placement, they have now grown in confidence and singled out communications skills as one of many in which they have built on. The students also agreed that they now understand the ‘skills and qualities’ employers look for in young people and as a result of this experience, they also have a clearer idea of what they want to do for their future education and career journey.

Another great and highly valuable experience.