Connections in Europe

We are proud to be part of Erasmus+, a forward-thinking European Union programme for education, training and youth. Since 2012, we have taken part in projects to up-skill young Europeans, by sharing professional guidance practice across countries and formalising new qualifications.


This programme aims to improve access for migrant/refugee women into (adult) education and provide gender-sensitive counselling to help them enter the labour market. Igma-Femina was launched in December 2016 in collaboration with seven European partner countries.

Euro i-VET

Euro i-VET supports professional development around the advice and guidance we provide in a multi-cultural, inner-city setting. It’s a strategic partnership, bringing together partner organisations from Marseille, Berlin, Uppsala and Dublin. The project brings together our specialist expertise to write an occupational profile, a competency framework, a training curriculum and a certification process.


This 3 year project aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial mind-set within primary schools for both pupils and teachers. We are working with schools and a consortium of experts to identify the key elements of entrepreneurial mind-set within a primary school setting. The project will develop certified curricula and materials for teachers, as well as activities and assessment tools for pupils to ensure that children learn key employability skills from a young age.

Please refer to our downloads for more information and updates.

Employment Plus

The aim of this project is to develop new, tailored guidance practice that addresses the social exclusion of Europe’s adult citizens in the labour market who have limited skills and qualifications. These clients may be unemployed or working in unskilled and low-skilled occupations. By developing the skills, knowledge and competencies of guidance practitioners, working alongside our partners from across Europe, we hope to equip guidance practitioners with the confidence and tools to support their clients in the rapidly changing global labour market.